Transforming human energy into positive change

You contribute by being physically active. All your movement is synced from your Health Kits.

We connect to your phone and reward your physical movement.

When UPNDO users move, their movement is converted into money that they can donate to their favorite NPO (at the end of each quarter their company will donate in their behalf).

Key Features

Customizable Leaderboard

The app allows you to deploy internal campaigns, volunteering initiatives & events. You can even create your own charitable race!

The leaderboard helps encourage active movement, self-motivation and even healthy competition between teams. 

Easy to Use Interface

Using the app is as easy connecting your fitness tracker or fitness app to your phone's health kit. The app then automatically  tracks more movement!

We track the following activities: walking, running, cycling and swimming.

Community Driven Newsfeed

The newsfeed allows for visibility on positive social impact and healthy habits by companies and their employees!

*The daily $ target in UPNDO is designed to be aligned with what the World Health Organization defines as the recommended target for healthy movement.

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