Frequently asked questions


What if I do not have my phone with me when I exercise?

If you have a wearable or fitness tracker that you wear while exercising, make sure it is linked to Google Fit/Apple Health and syncing.

How can I send any issues with the data, ideas or comments?

You will find both in the app and in the website our contact. Also, we have made sure there is a clear feedback button on the main screen of the app but you can always reach us with ideas at

I get no points but I am moving, what should I do?

Please, check the troubleshooting guide below: For Android users For Iphone users Have a Mi Band or Amazfit? Check the guide for Xiaomi connection If you are still receiving no points, contact us at

Can UPNDO discriminate manual from automatic entries of data into the Health Kit?

UPNDO does not read manual activities. If you insert manual activities on Health Kit or your fitness app, they will not be taken into account in UPNDO

How much do I need to move to reach my target in UPNDO?

The daily target is linked to the recommendations for healthy movement defined by World Health Organization. To hit the daily target you dont need to go for hardcore sports, a 45 m walk should be enought for you to hit the daily target. Here are some suggestions you can do to hit your daily target: 1. Park your car 500 m away from the place you are going to. 2. Get out of the metro one stop before your final destination and walk for the following distance. 3. Take the stairs instead of the lift. 4. Go for a nice walk at the end of the day with your loved ones to catch up about the day. 5. Have a walking meeting at work with your colleagues. 6. Feeling stressed, out of focus? Go for a 10 to 15 m walk and unwind, you will see amazing results. 7. Weekend? Go for a long walk to your friends house.


How does UPNDO selects NPO’s (Non Profit Organisations) which appear in the application?

The list of NPOs is defined by your company. Feel free to reach out to suggest more of your favourite causes.

How are the donations processed?

Every end of quarter UPNDO send a report to your company reflecting the exact amount of money that should b edonated to each of the defined NPOs, your comany has 15 days to send to UPNDO the proof of payment. Failure to do so the company account in UPNDO will be suspended

Which is the minimum that can be donated? And the max?

When you go to make a donation you will see how much money you have available. You can use the slider bar to change the amount and choose how much or how little you want to donate to that particular charity. You can decide to split the money you have earned in several charities or just one. The important thing here is that you are contributing to the causes that matter you the most!

What is the maximum amount of money I can get daily?

our daily target is defined by your company and it is visible on the upper right side of the UPNDO home screen. The daily target equals 100 points but you can double it and that is the maximum. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 150 mins. of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity or at least 75 mins. of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity throughout the week.

How do I get my charity added?

You can reach out to UPNDO NPO management team at


Where does the money for donating to NPO’s come from?

Your company donates on your behalf, the money comes from the corporate social responsibility budget of your company. You will always know who is donating on your behalf because the logo and name of the company will be visible when you make the donation. UPNDO does not take any commission or percentage from that money.

How can my company get UPNDO for our employees and associates?

You can reach out to our Commercial Team at

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